The top 10 props to use in a booth

October 4, 2017

Stepping into a photo booth is great fun, but adding photo booth props? Even better! No photo booth is complete without a great set of props. So, what should every photo booth include? We’ve counted the top 10 best photo booth props, check them out:

1.Boas – Everyone wants to unleash their inner diva, so wrap up that feather boa and strike a pose!

2.Sunglasses – Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, and wearing them at night is the cool thing to do. Don a pair of stunner shades, the classic party sunglasses, or even the over-sized version and make a photo booth fashion statement!

3.Moustache – Whether you want the traditional Tom Selleck look or the evil mastermind pencil thin moustache, sporting a ‘stache is a great way to liven up your photos.

4.Hats – Just like moustaches, hats come in all shapes and sizes – from rainbow ten gallon hats to crowns and even a chicken, policemen’s hats to traffic cones, there’s a hat for everyone!

5.Wigs – Now we also believe wigs are a class of their own.  Don a purple flapper wig, or a classic 80s hair band wig – whatever you do, own that look and make it yours!

6.Inflatables – Whether it’s an air guitar, a microphone, a monkey or even a sheep, grab that inflatable and show off your inner rock star or………zoo keeper 😉

7.Picture frames – Grab an empty picture frame and pose for a picture inside of another picture!  Very arty!

8.Thought bubbles – A thought bubble is a great way to incorporate an unheard thought into the photo and can have hilarious results!

9.Masks – Sometimes you want to be seen, other times you want to make a scene. Either way, a mask is a great way to make those viewing the photos take a wild guess of who is under the mask.

10.Random Items – some of the best photo booth props are completely random and a surprise even to us. Whether it’s a potted plant, an item of clothing or even a personal camera taking a picture during the picture, whatever prop you can think of, bring it in!

And remember – the more creative you are when coming up with props, the more creative your pictures will be as you remember the great time you had during the wedding or event!

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Photobooth Props are so much fun!

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